Do You Need a License for Laser Hair Removal in Florida?

Are you interested in performing laser hair removal in Florida? If so, you must be aware of the regulations and licensing requirements that apply to this procedure. According to Rule 64B8-56,002, F, A, C, anyone who is not a doctor with an active Georgia license who provides non-ablative cosmetic laser services must obtain a separate laser license if they are supervising someone who requires an auxiliary laser practitioner license. In order to become a laser technician in Florida, you must first become a licensed electrologist. This requires completing 320 hours of training and passing the necessary exams.

Once you have obtained your electrologist license, you can then start working towards laser certification. This certification must be provided by a national organization such as the National Laser Certification Council. In addition to obtaining the necessary certifications, there are other requirements that must be met in order to legally perform laser hair removal procedures. For example, a laser safety committee must be created to regulate laser activity, establish criteria for use, and approve operating procedures.

The Florida Electrolysis Council and the Florida Board of Medicine have simplified the requirements so that Florida electrologists who meet specific training and exam requirements can offer laser and light hair removal services. Furthermore, anyone who wishes to operate a laser hair removal center must hold a license issued under this subchapter to do so. Additionally, they cannot perform or attempt to perform laser hair removal unless they hold the appropriate certificate under this subchapter. The licensing entity for that health profession shall establish the requirements to apply for the certificate of senior laser hair removal technician who is an authorized health professional. Non-medical personnel who perform hair removal on patients must have adequate training in the use of the laser and that the supervising physician must be present in the immediate facilities during the procedure.

Laser hair removal centers shall place a warning sign, as prescribed by the commission, in a place visible and easily visible to the person entering the center. In some states, doctors can delegate the application of light-based medical devices to medical assistants and aesthetic therapists for hair removal under certain conditions. More and more people are seeking the services of hair removal and skin care technicians who are willing to make home visits. To legally perform laser hair removal procedures, you must find a doctor who is confident enough in your abilities to take responsibility for each procedure you perform. A certified laser hair removal professional who acts according to the protocol established with a consulting physician can perform laser hair removal without supervision. It is important to note that if Rule 64B8-56,002, F, A, C does not apply to you but you are still interested in performing laser hair removal procedures, it is recommended that you contact an attorney for legal advice.

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