What Type of Training and Certification Should You Look for in a Laser Hair Removal Provider to Ensure Safety?

Are you considering laser hair removal? If so, it's essential to make sure that your provider has the right training and certification to guarantee safety. Requirements may vary from state to state, but there are some general standards that all laser hair removal technicians should meet. To begin with, all technicians should have completed 40 hours of state-approved training and performed 100 supervised laser procedures. Additionally, many states require you to obtain an esthetician's license and a specialized certificate from a laser hair removal program.

For instance, Arizona requires technicians to attend 40 hours of lectures on laser science, health and safety protocols, and patient care. Texas also requires mandatory training hours, under the Texas Laser Hair Removal Act. Continuing education is also essential for laser hair removal technicians. The SCHMR CLHRP certification, for example, requires 75 hours, or 7.5-inch units, of continuing education to keep your certificate in good standing. Continuing education can take many forms, such as classes, training sessions, seminars, webinars, exhibitions, trade shows, demonstrations, online learning, and live events. It's also important to note that only healthcare providers such as nurses, physician assistants, and doctors can perform laser hair removal treatments in some states.

This means that if you're thinking about training for laser hair removal, you should look for a quality provider or institution. Finally, students will be able to administer treatments with a high level of technical competence in the use of hair removal or reduction devices based on laser and light. Whether your state requires it or not, you must commit to lifelong learning to ensure that you stay up-to-date on trends, styles, techniques, and evolving safety rules, laws, and regulations.

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